Wednesday, October 21, 2009

Meet Roy G. Biv!

Roy G. Biv! Roy G. Biv! Inside the rainbow is where he lives! Today we met Roy G. Biv. Roy G. Biv is an acronym to help remember the colours of the rainbow (red, orange, yellow, blue, green, indigo and violet) In our class, he is a spy kid with a rainbow cape named Roy G. Biv! Here is some of our work. We are hoping that Roy drops by for a visit some day soon!


Mrs. McMahon said...

Layton told me all about ROY G.Biv today! Love seeing their work on your blog. Thanks for showing us.
Layton's Mom

TupperMomma said...

When Matthew was explaining Roy G Biv to me, I had absolutely NO idea that the colors listed are in every rainbow in exactly that order. Matthew gets so excited when he gets to teach me things that he's learned that I didn't already know, thank you not only for sharing this, but giving him the opportunity to teach as he learns.

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