Thursday, February 18, 2010

Olympic Fever Hits Grade One

With the Olympics in Canada it makes it all the more exciting for us Canadians. And one of our students is heading there next week, so our class has been VERY interested in the Winter Olympics. We made our own torches, and are working on a book in math called "Do the Olympics Measure Up?" We looked at all sorts of ways that measurement is used in the Olympics and made comparisons. We also had the honor of being torch bearers for the opening ceremonies of our very own "Kindness Olympics". Our Charater Education (or Expect Respect as we like to call it around here) theme for February is Kindness,and we kicked off the theme with a mini opening ceremonies where the Grade Ones carried in the "torch". They were also accompanied by one of our staff members who carried the torch in Yellowknife in 1988! She wore her outfit from that experience. Check out the video of our little torch relay!


TupperMomma said...

Absolutely fabulous!! I was a little disappointed that I missed it when I was there this morning, this makes up for it!! Thank you, Thank you!!

Loved it :)

Mrs. McMahon said...

That was fantastic, we are lucky to have a Grade 1 teacher who is so creative!

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