Wednesday, February 10, 2010

Why Adding and Subtracting are Important

In grade one, learning how to add and subtract is big. BIG! The kids like adding and subtracting, but not often are they asked WHY they have to learn this. I asked my 19 Grade Ones WHY adding and subtracting is important. Here is what they came up with. Adding and subtracting is important because:

-I have to know the score of the hockey game
-so I know how tall I am
-to play games
-so I put in the right amount of gas
-so I can tell time (x2)
-so I can count money (x6)
-so I can play "Making Sandwiches" on X-box
-so I can be a teacher (x2)
-you have to get enough chemical (farmer's son, referring to spraying weeds!)
-I need to know how to do it when I am in a higher grade
-if I did not know math I would not know numbers
-to be smart, math is fun!

Wow! The amount of good ideas these little guys come up with always blows me away. These ideas were so good I just had to share them, and we are going to put them in our portfolios as well. Great job Grade Ones!

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