Monday, April 19, 2010

Grade Three Chicks at

Our esteemed Mrs. Coutts always does a fabulous project every year with her Grade Threes, she brings eggs in and over the course of the week the Grade Threes watch them hatch into chicks. We are always lucky enough to get to hold the chicks. Here are our Grade Ones enjoying their moment in the chick limelight!

Wolf Proof Houses at

As part of our school's AISI (Alberta Initiative for School Imrpvement) project, we have been exploring the levels of Bloom's Taxonomy. These are different levels of learnig, and it is thought that higher levels of learning occurs when teaching is done using the higher levels of thinking. For example, students retain more when they actually do a hands on project rather than just being told the information. Bloom's levels of thinking are remembering, understanding, applying, analyzing, evaluating, and creating.

We looked at each level of Bloom's and our group focused on the higher level of evaluating, and what that looks like at the different grades in our school. After some technological difficulties with our group's presentation to staff, I decided to just post this to my blog. Thanks to my colleague Mrs. McMahon for providing me with this excellent idea. The videos in this post show Grade One students evaluating their building projects. The task was to create three houses, in the pattern of the Three Little Pigs, one of straws,(drinking straws) one of sticks,(popsicle sticks) and one of bricks (lego). Then we tested the houses using a fan to see if they were "wolf proof". The students did work prior to the video to evaluate their houses. Many found nothing at all wrong with their houses, and many saw nothing at all wrong with trying a format that another student had found to be unsuccessful. I found that in general, evauation was a tough concept for these little ones.

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