Thursday, December 2, 2010

Hat Day at

Every year the Grade Ones read the selection entitled “Favorites” and wear their favorite hat to school. This year was hugely successful, we even had a bike helmet with lights, welder’s helmet, and a hard hat! Listen to the students read “Favorites” and enjoy the slide show of all their hats. “Have you got a hat that you love to wear? A hat that you take most everywhere? You wear it to school, you wear it to bed, you never, ever take it off your head. You wear it to play and to do your math, but your mom won’t let you wear it when you take a bath!” (by Sonja Dunn, Collections reader series)

Roy G. Biv

To help the students remember the colours in the rainbow, we meet a character called Roy G. Biv. (Roy G. Biv is an acronym for the colours in the rainbow in order – red, orange, yellow, green, blue, indigo and violet) In our class, this is a kid who lives in the rainbow who wears a rainbow cape and a fedora spy hat. Roy G. Biv visited our classroom and I don’t think any of the kids will forget his name!

The King's Punch at

As part of our “Creating Colour” unit in science, and as part of our AISI project which is focused on helpoing the students to be 21st century learners, we did a “real world” project in which we made punch for the king’s party. Our King, had requested purple punch for his party. The students experimented with primary colours to come up with purple punch for the party. They were also able to create green punch and orange punch.

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